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Trigun Dressing Room

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The much-awaited Trigun Dressing Room!
Rushing Towards the Horizon


Hello there, and welcome to the Trigun Dressing Room, a place where any and all characters from Yasuhiro Nightow's hit series Trigun can not only interact but also have one heck of a time doing so!


Upon arriving at the Dressing Room, the first thing you notice is your surroundings. It's lush and green, and there is even fresh water welling up from the ground. You decide to explore, and before too long, you learn that you have arrived in one of the best places imaginable: a luxury resort, complete with any and all amenities you might want or need! Food, entertainment, a fitness center, and even a shooting range, if you feel so inclined. It's also an oasis, so feel free to admire the scenery! Don't worry, though, all you genocidal maniacs out there. No Plants were used (or abused) to create this little slice of heaven, so no need to get your feathers in a twist~

You wander around a bit more, and before too long, you come to the edge of the oasis. It's a familiar sight that greets you, iles upon iles of desert stretching in all directions. It doesn't bother you at first because, hey, this is a pretty nice place, and the personnel are perpetually charming and helpful.

However, there is a catch. Unbeknowst to you, the oasis is a trap. It is a gilded cage that you cannot escape from. The bus stop and sandsteamer station, though well-maintained, have no schedules posted, and no one, not even the ever-attentive staff members, knows whether one will ever come. You can decide to strike out on your own, of course, but any supplies you try to take with you out into the desert will decompose within minutes. Even more importantly, though, gigantic sandworms patrol the perimeter, and they are immune to any weapons or abilities you might have and will not hesitate to crush you if necessary.

Not that the powers-that-be expect anyone to want to leave, of course. After all, paradise is right at your fingertips. Only fools and malcontents would scoff at an all-expenses paid vacation.

So relax. Have a donut.

And enjoy your stay~!


Since this is a Dressing Room, just about anything goes, but there are a few guidelines you ought to follow:


2. Be respectful and polite, and keep any OOC drama where it belongs: off the community.

3. Upon joining, please post at the OOC community trigun_dr_ooc and read the mod post about events.

4. There are no power restrictions in the DR so please be sensible about any destruction your character might wreak upon the surrounding area. If you really, really want to blow something up, ask a mod for permission first.

5. Because each character receives a communicator upon arriving at the DR, be sure to specify in your posts and comments whether the entry is on the network (in which case it would be text, voice, or video) or an action post.

6. When posting a new character, please make an OOC note of which canon your character is from (anime or manga), what point in their respective timelines they come from, and whether or not your character is already in another game. The whole point of the DR, after all, isn't just to have fun. It's about finding potential canonmates, too. ;)

7. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a mod via the normal channels (AIM, LJ, or email) or just make a post here.

8. Have fun~!


Name: RW
LJ: readingwhiz89
Email: ReadingWhiz89@aol.com
AIM: ReadingWhiz89